24/7 Lodging and Food

The accommodations at the Dancing Elk Alexander Ranch are very comfortable and offer an array of amenities not found in most hunting and ranch lodges. We are proud we can provide an experience that you will long remember and once you’ve come and experienced our hospitality we hope you’ll come back again and again.

Dancing Elk Alexander Ranch provides 24/7 lodging and food. Camping sites are available. We also have three housing options and 15 camping spots for you to choose from that will complete your hunting experience.

While hunting at DEA Ranch you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hunting lodge which is the perfect place to entertain clients, show appreciation to loyal employees or combine a company meeting with a hunt of a lifetime.


DEA Ranch was an experience of a life time! John and his crew were also so helpful, friendly and courteous! The hunt and being able see the amazing white tail and elk and exotic animals was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I definitely recommend John at DEA Ranch!!!

Eric Clark

Had a fantastic time at DEA Ranch this last weekend, we harvested what we came for, saw a wide variety of truly beautiful animals, stayed in a extremely nice lodge and had some of the best food I've come across by their chef.

Brandon McLarty

Great place to hunt. Nice animals, fair prices, and friendly people. The staff works hard ,and Jonathan goes out of his way to insure you have a fun trip. Be sure to bring a big gun and plenty of ammo.. you will need it.!!! And FYI, Jonathan hates .308's for exotics .

Julie Dykes McNeil

South Texas hunting and ranching culture you can experience for yourself.